Blooming Youth Collective

About Us

Blooming Youth Collective is a peer-led young peoples group focused on community, well-being, diversity and friendship.

We are aged between 16-24 and host sessions every Monday and occasional Saturdays.

These sessions are about learning new skills and having opportunities to grow relationships.

Our Ethos

We have four main objectives:

  • To give young people the opportunity to grow their skills 
  • To give young people an inclusive community platform based around their interests 
  • To signpost services addressing mental health, grief, loss and to increase social and emotional resilience  
  • To engage and participate young people from a range of backgrounds, focusing on accessibility and inclusion

How It Works

The purpose of this project is to find out what group members want to learn and to give them the opportunity to grow in these areas. 

The project will focus on being young-person led, with the direction and ideas stemming from what they want to see in the space. 

Ideas could develop through:

  • Talks from local activist groups and influencers/young leaders 
  • Discussions about social issues 
  • Learning practical skills or economic life skills
  • Fun games and events
  • Supporting each other and finding out where to get help

More Info

The Blooming Youth Collective was created by Tees Valley Arts with support from the #iWill fund and the Redcar Palace to encourage social action within groups of young people.

We aim to create safe space for young people to learn and grow from one another, and provide them with the resources to further lead the discussions outward to wider communities. Above all, we believe input from the community of young people is invaluable and incorporating this into our programme is incredibly important.

Social isolation from Covid-19 has shown to have greatly impacted young people especially, a large majority of them normally relying on community, friendships and daily communication for their wellbeing. This support has been forced to stop and many have struggled with social isolation and loneliness. At Blooming Youth Collective, we hope that by focusing on giving young people the opportunities to find meaning through community, creativity and fulfilment, that the overall health and wellbeing of those involved improves.

Past Events

Past workshops include: Bookbinding, Herb Garden Creation, Macrame, Crochet, Ukelele, Tie-Dye, Dungeons and Dragons, BSL, Badge Making, Bob Ross Painting, Lino Printing, Clothing Swaps, Seed Bombs, Spooky Movie, Costume Making, Murder Mystery and Climate Change Protest Signs.

Past fieldtrips have been to: Sunderland Winter Gardens, The Auxillary, The Baltic, Alphabet Theatre and Northern Pride.

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