The Grand Old Open

Presenting the third exhibition in Redcar Palace’s highly successful Open Call series. We started our exhibition programme in 2023 with 6 solo shows, exhibiting artists found during our Spring open call out. This was such a fantastic opportunity to meet new artists and culminating 2023 in another series of solo shows seems like the perfect way to end the year. 

Our two solo shows featured the work of Edek Thompson, with an exhibition of paintings titled ‘Teaching children about the colour green’ and an installation of exquisite embroidery by Tanya Bentham in a show titled ‘Opus Anglicanum’. Alongside these solo shows we invited all artists who applied to the open call to show a single work in our third exhibition space, showing over 30 different artists. These artists were:

  • Adam Burton
  • Laura Scull
  • Judy Sale
  • Lucy Waters
  • Peter Swidrack
  • Ayshia Muezzin
  • Daniele Bongiovanni
  • Amelia Clark
  • Jennifer Workman
  • Lauri Bower
  • Michelle Russell
  • Claire Colleen
  • Claudia Tong
  • Ali Hunter
  • Stuart McGowan
  • Helen Dryden
  • Roma Czarnocka-Hammoum
  • Frances Norton
  • Jane Gibson
  • Ksenia Rybka
  • Wendy King
  • Tessa Bunney
  • Malcolm Barker
  • Megan Priestley
  • Sharon Platt
  • Ruth Bateman
  • Paul Rosser
  • David Kenney
  • Jo Lamoureux
  • Rachael Boddington

This exhibition ran up to early January 2024.