Redcar Peeps – History in the Making

Redcar Peeps is a project led by Tees Valley Arts at our base Redcar Palace on the gorgeous North East coastline.

Redcar Peeps is being funded by Historic England’s History in the Making grant programme. This new grant programme has been launched to encourage young people to engage with and celebrate their local heritage.

The project outcome is to produce a piece of public realm work with historical and modern connotations based around the theme of pride within the industrial seaside communities of Redcar, Juxtaposed with themes of LGBTQIA pride, joy, and the queer histories surrounding coastal towns and how they have historically been spaces for individuals to explore their identity.

Redcar has a seemingly empty LGBTQIA archive and record, we want to question this narrative, and recognise with the ever-changing and open minded demographic of young people how queerness has always existed, especially within working-class coastal communities.

As such, we need your help! We are looking to recruit several positions over the course of this project: historical researcher, anecdotal researcher, x2 peep board artists and a film artist. Featured on this page will be further information on the respective job roles, alongside links to our application forms.


Peep Board Artist x2


We will be hiring x2 positions to be our Peep Board mural artists. Peeps Boards are a classic piece of seaside entertainment, in which you can momentarily be somebody else just by fitting your head through the hole of a board. With the findings gathered by our researchers, we want you to use that research as a basis for the creation of a Peep Board, exploring the themes of identity and how it relates to a place.

  • £112.50 a day for 4 days spread over a month flexibly
  • Starting date TBA

APPLICATIONS FOR THIS ROLE ARE NOT YET OPEN. You can also apply by sending us responses to this application in the form of voice notes or a video file! Please limit these videos to around 2 minutes per question. email these to:

As part of this project, we will also be a Film Artist. More information about these roles will be provided within the next few weeks. Please check back here or on our social media pages for the job listings.

Artist Recruitment

  • Role to be announced on the 2nd April

Film Artist

Artist Recruitment

  • Role be announced on the 2nd April